The new normal! What to do?

As Marketers we are analyzing business metrics such as website traffic, email send and open rates, sales engagements, close rates and more. Looking at the latest hubspot CRM benchmarks* we see that Deal Volumes drop.

Sales teams have reacted to the economic situation by getting digitally hyperactive, sending about 50% more emails to prospects than they were pre-COVID. They probably try to reach out to a much broader base of prospects than they normally would target. 

The fact that at the same time Response Rates hit their lowest level proof that this approach is ineffective. Instead we advice LSPs to go for quality rather than quantity and follow 4 rules…  

1. Prioritize Sales Campaigns on existing customer relations

2. Strongly focus Sales efforts on Qualified Leads 

3. Target companies and segments which are transforming quickly to meet the new challenges  

4. Advertise only those services which are particularly useful in this crisis

We hope these tipps provide useful as you keep your business on track. Contact Heike Herzig, MD at HERZIG Marketing, if you want to optimize your marketing in times of the “new normal“.