Think marketing!

Schöner „Logistikmarketing-Artikel von Guy Courtin – veröffentlicht am 4. Januar 2013 auf EyeForTransport

„Who will have a greater role in running your supply chain? Think marketing. Okay I realize that might be blasphemy in some circles, that department that is suppose to create colorful ads and glossies will all of a sudden manage the supply chain? It is already happening at some level – when a CPG runs a promotion it is driven from the marketing side of the business. When you think of what is taught in every marketing class it is about the 4 P’s – product, place, promotion and price. Decisions at this level get pushed back to the supply chain to fulfill a 5th P – produce. Supply chains need to become more integrated with the marketing side of the house. Vendors will continue to find ways to provide solutions that tie together the supply chain and marketing sides of the house.“