Time to cut your marketingbudget?

Cutting your marketing budget now sounds like a good idea. And it can be. But to what extend? And what´s still necessary to maintain your market position and be ready for the time after? Usually we recommend SME Logistics Service Providers to spend 4 to 8 percent of their gross revenue for marketing. And we urge them to do keep that level amidst the crisis, not to kill the entire budget but to adjust the spending strategy.

Here are 6 tipps for doing it the right way:

First, analyze your current situation and update your SWOT matrix.
Markets have changed so will your Threads and Opportunities.

Second, adjust your pitch.
Customers have different pains now so you probably need a different USP.

Third, ask yourself which of your existing solutions and VAS can now help shippers best?
Focus on these services and your existing customer base.

Fourth, finetune your SEO, SEA and CTAs in relation to your “new USP“.
In light of the crisis change to even more usefull content.       

Fifth, intensify the dialog with your customers and potential shippers, update your website.
To be most efficient focus on your two best established social media channels.

Sixth, only then look for expendables in your marketing budget.
Postpone those (and only those) activities which will not help to achieve your new sales strategy