VTL the CargoFamily

Leading European general cargo system

Scope of Services

Strategic advice

Comprehensive marcom support,
incl. design

Online marketing
website, SEO, SEA

(external press agency)

Slogan by Herzig

In Europe. For you!

„The cooperation with HERZIG has continuously expanded our market presence and service for our partners. Shippers today learn everything about the VTL offers and at the same time we can offer our VTL partners help with their sales activities.”

Andreas Jäschke
Managing Director of VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH

International logistics

Sustainable logistics for South. East. Europe.

Scope of Services

Strategic brand development

Comprehensive marcom support, incl. design and sales communication

Online marketing
website, SEO, SEA

(external press office)

Conception and implementation of sustainability reports and CSR communication

Slogan by Herzig

We love goals

„In addition to our operational services, we also want to constantly optimise our corporate communications and rely on the long-term support of HERZIG, the logistics marketing specialists. They give us the indispensable technical project support for the continuous expansion of our brand presence in the transport and logistics sector.”

Christian Faggin
management spokesman at Alpensped

Schönmackers Umweltdienste GmbH & Co. KG

Technology and systems contractor for environmental services in North Rhine-Westphalia

Scope of Services

Strategic brand development

Comprehensive marcom support, incl. design relaunch and sales communication

Online marketing
website, SEO, SEA

(external press office)

„Herzig helps us in particular with the expert external perspective. Thanks to this practical support, we will continue to expand our market position and present ourselves even more strongly as the region's preferred disposal company in the future.”

Gloria Sophie Schönmackers
Marketing Manager and Managing Partner of the holding company

Qatar Free Zones Authority

Modern logistics hubs in the heart of the Gulf

Scope of Services

Assessment and
DACH sales concept

incl. DACH design and individual trade fair communication, incl. transport logistics, Munich

Landing page, SEA

(external press office)

Kampagne by Herzig

"Flying Man"



Scope of Services

Strategy workshops:

Brand assessment and marcom concepts for various business areas in software for the optimisation of logistical and business processes.

Ehrhardt und Partner Group

International leading experts for logistics solutions

Scope of Services

Presenting the 14th logistics information day of Ehrhardt + Partner-Gruppe (EPG). Renowned industry event at EPG's Logistics Solutions Center (LSC) in Boppard-Buchholz on the subject of digitising the supply chain.

S Group

International logistics service provider, Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik®

Scope of Services

Strategy workshop:

Competitive branding and strategic market positioning

Deutscher Genossenschafts-Verlag eG

Provider of the modular e-procurement and logistics solutions of DG VERLAG

Scope of Services

Strategy workshop:
Competitive branding and strategic market positioning

„The workshop with HERZIG was a first step towards solving our special challenges and has paved the way to a concrete solution. The insights gained were very helpful, so we are considering a follow-up event. And working together was fun, too.”

Michael Botte
Managing Director / Division Manager Office Division

Frankenfeld Logistikgruppe

Specialist for transport and warehouse logistics with comprehensive solutions, right up to complex automotive processes.

Scope of Services

Strategy concept and sales communication, PR.

Slogan by Herzig

Joy in solutions

„With HERZIG, we are delighted to have found a specialist agency that concentrates exclusively on the logistics sector and develops marketing concepts for companies in this sector, an agency which is now advising us and supporting us in the implementation.”

André Theilmeier
Managing Director at Frankenfeld

Walter Eckhardt GmbH Spedition + Logistik

Family-led specialist for transport and warehouse logistics

Scope of Services

Strategic brand development

Strategic concept,
sales communication
Online marketing

(external press office)

Slogan by Herzig

Logistics from the country

„Regionally active commercial and industrial customers use the extraordinarily reliable transport and storage solutions of the renowned Stuttgart logistics service provider, especially in the areas of thermal, plant and hazardous goods. The new slogan "logistics from the country" enables competitive content marketing and will contribute to positioning the ECKHARDT brand even more strongly in the "country".”

Werner Geilenkirchen

Rhenus Air&Ocean

Logistics company & logistics service provider

Scope of Services

LCL gateway sales and communication support.

Kampagne by Herzig


Stadt Köln


Scope of Services

Conception and long-term presenting of the Cologne Logistics Forum as part of the logistics urban development concept

„The Cologne Logistics Forum aims to establish and expand professional dialogue and cooperation between public and private sector companies in the transport and logistics sector at local and regional level.
The most important task of the Cologne Logistics Forum is the informative interaction between the participants with the aim of actively participating in the design and implementation of the overall logistics concept of Stadt Köln.”


Global 3PL

Scope of Services

Presenting and communication support for Global Air & Ocean Freight Conferences 2015 and 2016, Amsterdam and London.


Systems house

Scope of Services

Presenting at topsystem Technology Conference 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. An enquiry for 2020 has already been made.

„Werner Geilenkirchen supported us excellently with his confident and competent presenting, ...The whole day was a success!”

Lydia Konnegen
Marketing/Communications topsystem Systemhaus GmbH

Part Load Alliance

Part load cooperation

Scope of Services

Strategic advice

As the lead agency, HERZIG ensures that all areas of competence interact to build a successful market position.

Slogan by Herzig

Easy | fair | successful

„In order to establish a new alliance in the transport market, you need uniquely good advantages and a particularly good team. We are glad that HERZIG is part of our PLA team!”

Heinz Hintzen
Managing Director at Part Load Alliance


Leading global provider of freight forwarding and supply chain management services.

Scope of Services

Marketing and PR for the Western Europe Division

„Very practical and honest approach to how they work and communicate plus a deep understanding of our needs made HERZIG the preferred company to work with.”

Patrycja Riera
Europe West Marketing Manager

DHL Global Forwarding

Scope of Services

Concept, support and presenting for DGF Talk, Germany's first logistics reading with roundtable.

The "storytelling concept" was developed jointly by Ankerherz Verlag and HERZIG Marketing and further developed for DHL Global Forwarding and linked with current logistics topics.

„With DGF Talk we have launched a format that is unusual for B2B communication in the transport industry. We were sure that logistics offers good stories that are worth presenting in unusual places and with interesting experts. This has been confirmed, we will certainly continue DGF Talk.”

Oliver Kaut
VP Marketing & Sales, DHL Global Forwarding Germany.

Logwin Fashion Logistics

Global Fashion Logistics

Scope of Services

Special product development for the premium fashion sector in Asia.

With the specially developed "Red Lady" campaign, online activities and moderated communication workshops.

Kampagne by Herzig

Red Carpet Logistics

„In order to ensure that we can successfully present and profile our operational advantages in the market, we have drawn up a concept together with the logistics marketing experts from HERZIG.”

Volker Hoebelt
Director Global Sales + Marketing of the Air + Ocean business division at Logwin

Logwin Air&Ocean

Scope of Services

Event conception and overall presentation of the Logwin Air + Ocean World Conference in Dubai

„The new concept has required more input and participation from the participants, and this has helped to communicate the wealth of information vividly, comprehensively and concisely. We were able to present the core messages for our future work much better. This interactive design inspired both the participants and me.”

Helmut Kaspers
Logwin, COO in the Air + Ocean business division 2011


Blue Arena Management Program

Scope of Services

Interactive courses on logistics marketing as part of a continuing education program for international executives in Shanghai and Singapore.

arvato services healthcare

Healthcare logistics

Scope of Services

USP workshop. Strategic USP

„HERZIG actively helped and supported us. In future we will be able to communicate our strengths and our extensive range of services even more precisely to customers, their customers, doctors and patients.”

Sonja Groß
Marketing Manager arvato services healthcare

Kölner Flitzer

Regional CEP and rental service

Scope of Services

Strategic advice. Together with management and employees, the competitive profile was analysed and realigned.

Slogan by Herzig

Fast. And good!

Schenker International

Leading Global LSP

Scope of Services

1. Concept and project management. Optimisation of the company's own IT communication.
2. Concept and implementation of employee information.

Slogan by Herzig

Take IT easy


Inland shipping

Scope of Services

Strategic brand management. Advice on market positioning

Kühne und Nagel

Regional Distribution Center

Scope of Services

Optimisation of customer communication. Presentation of the logistical services and regional advantages of the western region.

HEUEL Cargo Management

Freight Forwarder

Scope of Services

Competition profile. Sales communication

„The HERZIG workshop gave us new sales impetus, with good arguments for why customers can rely on Heuel Cargo Management, especially in turbulent market situations.”

Christoph Heuel
Managing Director at Heuel Cargo Management