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You are a forwarding, transport and logistics company and want to differentiate yourself better in the market, secure a strong position for the future and accelerate your sales with modern technologies now.

We would be happy to advise you and help you with the strategic development and expansion of a competitive market position and the digitalisation of sales and marketing. Our solutions have a lasting effect, as our references will be happy to confirm.

Strategy workshop: the first step to success!

Our strategy workshop is a tried and tested method to show you and your company an efficient way to secure future advantages. It is pragmatic, individual and sustainable. Workshops can take place live or online. Either way you will love the interactive work flow.

We work with you to develop an individual, strategic basic concept – a “common thread” for your sales, communication, PR and corporate brand. As a specialist agency for the transport industry and premium partner of the VVWL, we provide you with targeted support. You will receive a solution that is individually tailored to your needs and industry-proven, practical recommendations.

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A model of success. Logistics from the country. Strategy workshop for Eckhardt.

Logistics from the country. Strategic advice for Eckhardt. How can I give my company a strong position for the future in a competitive environment? In the face of hectic day-to-day business, brand and business development present many logistics service providers with great challenges. The freight company Eckhardt from Stuttgart has therefore asked HERZIG for support. During a workshop, we prioritised strategic options and developed a sharper brand profile. As a result, Eckhardt will increasingly position itself as a supraregional logistics company with the well-known Swabian virtues such as innovativeness, thoroughness and reliability. A concise and competitive slogan was created in order to communicate these characteristics, “Logistik ausm Ländle”, or in English “logistics from the country”. The new slogan forms the communicative “common thread” for all sales and image activities. This includes a revised web presence, online advertising, in-bound lead generation campaigns specially tailored to the target groups and targeted PR activities.

Strategy workshop services

  • Detailed analysis of your competitive strength
  • Assessment of your current presence in the transport market
  • Basic analysis of selected competitors
  • Creation of your own company profile, your individual brand steering wheel
  • Elaboration of an elevator pitch that is effectively tailored to your needs (sales pitch)
  • Work samples for your PR and communication work
  • Structure for your sales processes

Strategy workshop results

You will receive industry-tested, practical recommendations for

  • strategic alignment
  • business segment development
  • market entry strategies
  • sales processes and marcom activities
  • personnel marketing (employer branding)
  • process and budget efficiency in communication, PR

And you recognise the necessary future requirements, resources and expenditure.

How the workshops work

Workshop means working together.Because you set the goals. Because your experience is the basis of every solution.

This is the basis of HERZIG workshops’ success.

  1. Intensive preliminary discussion to determine your goals
  2. Questionnaire for the preparation of the individual workshop
  3. Valuable basic competition analysis
  4. Working meeting, approx. one-day joint, interactive workshop, you can choose a live or online workshop design.
  5. Written overview of results and personal debriefing
  6. On request, ongoing consulting and full-service support beyond the workshops.

Low price. That pays.

We know that marketing needs to pay off. That’s why we offer you our tried and tested advice and support at a very fair price.

In a brief, non-binding discussion, we would like to find out about your specific objectives and possible cross-country, cross-transport or cross-company tasks. Only then can we precisely calculate the budget for your individual workshop.  The workshop can take place at your premises (in-house) or at our premises in Cologne, whichever best suits you and your employees. We would be happy to consult with you!

HERZIG is a premium VVWL partner. Members of the  alliance for transport economics and logistics North Rhein-Westphalia (Verband Verkehrswirtschaft und Logistik Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.) receive our workshop at a reduced price.

Industry expert as workshop leader

The consultation and the strategy workshop are carried out by an experienced industry expert:

Werner Geilenkirchen, member of the HERZIG management board responsible for strategy consulting and brand management. In addition to the HERZIG strategy workshops, he also heads the marketing branch of the LogistikClusterNRW and is a lecturer for logistics marketing and the elective subject of contract logistics at various universities of applied sciences. He knows the current challenges of the transport and logistics industry very well and demonstrates practical solutions.

Operates sustainably – That’s what our clients say

“Extremely constructive and invigorating.”

“With its particular industry focus and experience, HERZIG was able to develop an authentic and, in particular, sustainably implementable solution for us.”

“The workshop with HERZIG was a first step towards solving our special challenges and has paved the way to a concrete solution. The insights gained were very helpful, so we are considering a follow-up event. And working together was fun, too.”

“The workshop was highly structured and well prepared. Above all, and I found this very important, it was tailored to our needs and future plans. Especially in the marketing field, one often hears lectures that are held in a relatively general way and from which everyone has to pick out the points that are somehow relevant to them. At your WorkShop there was a clear common thread through which the different tasks and questions were dealt with.”

“The workshop was presented in such a way that it was fun to take part. We really got a lot out of it.”

“Thank you very much for the summary of the workshop as well, we’re very happy to have worked with you, it was very useful”.

“Herzig did a really good workshop and it was a pleasure to work with you. Pragmatic, inspiring and without any marketing blah-blah.”

“I would recommend this strategy workshop any time… but not to my competition!”  

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