It is difficult for shippers to find the right service provider. In Germany alone there are about 65,000 competing companies; new “online freight forwarders” and digital logistics portals are further increasing the competitive pressure. Therefore, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and contract logisticians (2-4PL) now have to go in new directions and establish an independent strategic position, conquer business fields in terms of sales and cultivate their own brand communication!

To this end, we focus on efficient content and inbound marketing, on relevance for shippers and their need for information and interaction. We move away from silo thinking towards a holistic approach to Sales. Brand. PR.

Sales strategy

How can you position your company and your offers in a targeted way? With which strategy can you achieve sustainable growth? We analyse and define potential market segments, target groups and customers. And show you the way to a greater market profile and sales success.

  • Translation of operational services into sales arguments
  • Development of an individual company slogan
  • Competitive sales story
  • Concise brand identity
  • Attention-grabbing corporate and web design
  • Sales concepts, texts and campaigns

Sales processes and CRM

How do you adequately address the right decision-makers? How do you qualify companies? Why should the customer buy from you? How do you influence purchasing decisions? We provide you with advice, planning, implementation, control and monitoring of efficient sales processes.

CRM. With CRM systems specially developed for the transport and logistics industry, we make your sales, marketing and customer relations more efficient.

What can we do for you? Let’s talk about it!

Brand. We help shippers, media and employees to like you!

In the transport industry, HERZIG has established itself as a specialised brand consultancy and offers valuable strategic help in building and expanding your sustainably competitive brand.

We provide you with an indispensable external perspective and support you in all necessary steps, from competition and market analysis to conception, implementation, continuous monitoring and further development.

Overview of the HERZIG brand management service

  • Development of a competitive corporate strategy
  • Market analysis, competition monitoring and current situation (PESTEL, 5 Forces and SWOT)
  • Determination of individual competitive advantages, USP (hard and soft factors)
  • Help with forecasting and defining business goals
  • Positioning of the brand in the transport market (brand steering wheel method)
  • Brand development, management and control of logistics brands.
  • Planning and implementation of promising marketing measures.
  • Development of a slogan that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Development of an integrated communication strategy
  • Profiling as an employer brand (employer branding)
  • Selection of new business areas or establishment of new companies

PR / Communication

In close cooperation with you, your employees and your specialist departments, we ensure the stringent implementation of all communication measures and act as your external PR agency. HERZIG guarantees a dedicated, streamlined and continuous service! In addition, our cooperation with specialists, associations and initiatives, as well as our participation in study projects and working groups provide you with important impetus, contacts and resources.

Overview of HERZIG corporate communication services

  • Press and public relations work
  • Communication with customers and employees
  • Development and expansion of your social media presence
  • Brand image and employer image
  • Sustainability reports
    So-called CSR communication is becoming increasingly important! The professional presentation of your corporate social responsibility manifests itself in particular in the sustainability reports (often required by law). We would be pleased to show you our examples of implementation
  • Contacts and media services for more presence in the transport market.
  • Online marketing (SEO/SEA etc.)
  • Concise corporate design
  • Sales communication
  • Industry-specific trade press and company events
  • Presentations, lectures and conference concepts

What can we do for you? Let’s talk about it!

Improve your sales!

A company does not live from what it produces, but from what it sells! You and your sales and business development teams receive industry-specific advice and support from us.

Sales. Brand. PR. Overview


  • For marketing and sales managers, management, owners and teams
  • Recommendations and implementation concepts
  • Individual company marketing workshops


  • Corporate strategy
  • Market analysis, competition monitoring and current situation
  • Determination of individual competitive advantages (hard and soft factors)
  • Selection of new business areas or establishment of new companies
  • Development of integrated marketing and communication strategies
  • Brand development and management
  • Profiling as an employer (employer branding)
  • The “common thread” for effective sales processes and campaigns
  • Development and expansion of efficient online marketing and social media applications
  • Budget sensitive, stringent marketing solutions
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Corporate communications (internal and external)
  • Lead generation (sales contacts)
  • Digital marketing  
  • Modern marketing automation relies on Internet-based software that enables all departments, especially marketing and sales, to design campaigns and acquisition processes even more effectively and efficiently. New software technologies enable better storage, analysis and automated processing of the leads generated by the drizzle concept. Such MarTech systems have been in use since around 2007 and can now also be used shrewdly by small and medium-sized companies. Digital marketing (marketing automation, SEM, buyer personas, social, qualified lead generation, CRM) makes your business more successful! We help you with the digitalisation of sales and marketing.

When it comes to branding, we rely on working with you in our proven HERZIG strategy workshops. You can find out here how this works and which advantages result from it.