Drizzle. The successful marketing concept for logistics!

We develop your individual solution for the areas of PR, employee and brand communication, branding and, in particular, sales. We rely on our drizzle concept. Specially developed for freight forwarders and logistics service providers.

Instead of expensive advertising or large projects (the old push method), useful information and news are communicated where shippers, media and employees search, read and download (the new “pull” method). For example, in specialist media, on the Internet, Intranet and on social media. We develop suitable content for these channels and present your operational and corporate messages in interesting news and concise stories, thus ensuring incoming demand (inbound marketing).

The content developed especially for the logistics target groups, is tailored to the PR, Google advertising and the sales activities. Carefully prepared and implemented – if necessary even automated. These many small individual measures (drizzle) achieve an incredible effect! More successful acquisitions, more customer loyalty, more employee motivation and a significantly stronger market position! At the same time, implementation into the daily operations of a freight forwarder is much easier and also saves your budget.

The tried and tested drizzle concept will help you to

  1. sustainably and strategically set yourself apart from the competition
  2. develop a more concise profile in the transport market
  3. efficiently conceive effective sales and PR measures.

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