What Logisticsmarketing experts should do now

The era of the traditional marketing campaign is ending.

In an very interesting interview,  David Edelman, a principal in McKinsey’s Boston Office explains what companies get wrong when it comes to digital Marketing. Most of his views are true for LSPs (Logistics Service Provider), too! So let´s have a look what he thinks which changes need to be watched.

He says that „most companies think in terms of campaigns.“ We fully subcribe to his view on that point, most still as he says, „periodically want to get interest in the marketplace, so they come out with something they want to promote, whether it’s on a quarterly, monthly, or maybe weekly basis“. But times they are changing …

We promote a better marketing model

Instead of the old fashioned way of pushing News about prize, hard Facts and other Details about our customers servives, we belive that the digital channels make way for a new Approach, called push or inbound technique. As Jay Baer said, this is no brand new concept as companies like John Deere have used it since the end of last century. But digital Marketing can boost the effects of this proven solution to a Maximum effect. Especially when it comes to Logisticsmarketing that is!

As David Edelmann rightly says, „digital allows you to do is have something for everybody and use the data that you have about an individual in a particular Moment“. Wow, well that is a concept very much familiar with the People working in the Transport industry, it is called JIT, Just In Time!

The difference to „old fashioned push times is that the consignee is getting the Information right when he WANTS it, David Edelmann correctly describes this as „because of the search term that they use, or because of where they’ve been looking on your website, or due to the social engagement they’ve had with your brand“ at a specific Moment. And that is exactly when you have „having something for each of them and creating that range of content and offers“. The difference Comes with the word CONTENT! That is what our DRIZZLE CONCEPT is based on, not pushing hard Facts into the market, but „pulling potential customers to your offer by creating interesting and useful Information“. Buzzwords are INBOUND, PULL via CONTENT and STORYTELLING.

That very different model of marketing changes the Job description for Marketing Consultants and full Service agencies like ourselves, too! It is as David Edelmann Points out no longer a matter of saying, “OK, what should our campaign be? What do we need to promote? Let’s work with the agency. Let’s eventually come up with creative. Let’s come up with a target group of customers, and let’s just get this thing out and push it to them.”

Our DRIZZLE CONCEPT allows LSPs, 3PL, 4PL and the very honorable freight forwarders, too, to go faster and better by using digital B2B marketing!!

Sure, the Marketing of Logistics Services is getting more complex, but the DRIZZLE integrates SALES, PR and BRANDING to a powerful force!

What Logistics Service Providers should do

It is quite simple, all LSPs have to do is

  1. Work out your unique DRIZZLE Strategy
  2. Define your audience
  3. Define customer benefits and a competitive market differentiation
  4. Create interesting CONTENT and use STORYTELLING it as a hook for leads
  5. Constantly distribute over all relevant channels to PULL customers to you  .

Many companies are locked into the ol Push Concept. But have no fear, we are at your side to lead your way through the Marketing Transformation into a effective and Budget sensitive PULL solution. It will not be easy and it won´t happen in one day. Companies „have to change the way they are operating“ says David Eldermann, But the rewards are just waiting for them!