Logistikmarketing. Einfach mal Danke sagen!

Heidi Cohen, die bekannte amerikanische Marketing Bloggerin hat am Beispiel von Thanksgiving angeregt, neben all den Kunden suchen und finden – Aktiviäten einmal besonders auch die bestehenden Kundenbeziehung zu würdigen. Als „special time for appreciating what we have. Not just the things and money but more importantly, the relationships and People“.

Hier einige ihrer Tipps, wie Sie (hier also Transporteure, Spediteure und Logistikdienstleister) ihren Kunden (also Verladern)  und auch den eigenen Mitarbeitern (!) einmal Danke sagen können:

Thank your customers. Take the time to send a personalized message via email or even better using the post office.
Write a blog post thanking your customers. Put how you feel into words and let the whole world know. This is particularly important if your business is focused on a mission beyond making money.
Celebrate your customers’ birthday. Send them a card and give them a special gift such as a discount to recognize their birthdays.
Feature your customers on your blog. Include their photograph and explain why they’re special.
Select an employee or customer of the month. Put up a photograph in your office or retail establishment.
Show off your customers’ work. This works well if you’ve got a crafts business or if you sponsor a local team. You can use their finished products or just highlight a special moment at a game.
Promote the local stars. Use your window or blog to highlight people in your community who have just done something special. Think authors or painters.
Spotlight your customers on social media. Highlight special customers on Facebook, etc. Oreos does a great job of this on Facebook.
Promote your colleagues and their work on various social media platforms. Don’t just expect people to contact you.
Thank prospects, clients and social media colleagues for following you.
Leave meaty comments. Participate in the social dialog on other platforms.
Respond to comments on your blog and other social media platforms. Realize that social media isn’t a one-way street.
Write recommendations for colleagues and others on LinkedIn. Don’t wait until you’re looking for a job to get active and don’t just check off an endorsement box. Take the time to put down your support.
Offer strong content to customers’ blogs. Help your community by contributing useful information.
Most important of all, let those in your life know how much they mean to you.