Demand for strategic marketing is growing, but is also changing rapidly!

Today’s LSPs are increasingly focused on the operational side of new digital technologies to add measurable value to their logistics services. And surely agile software optimizes logistics planning and scheduling in real-time. But what about optimizing marketing planning and real-time pricing?

Visiting the transport logistic in Munich one could see the sheer power of innovation, in the near future transport orders will be generated, inbound and outbound deliveries organized, storage managed and loading and unloading runs initiated – all fully automated. Traditional business models will be changed dramatically, the rise of the “digital 2 and 3 PLs” as well as the growing number of platforms are clear signs of this transformation. What can traditional Freight Forwarders and LSPs do then?

Digital marketing can boost sale, increase brand awareness and recognition and enhance customer experience. Digital concepts, tailored to the shippers needs provide better client interaction through various digital channels. But going digital alone won´t work either. To maintain strong customer relationship LSPs and Freight Forwarders must still offer that human factor, have to provide a classic brand experience while using digital solutions.

To find the right marketing-mix has long been the number one challenge of marketeers. Now it is finding the right brand-mix, the nice balanced use of AI and the one thing logistics people have always been adding to their operational excellence: Flexible, fast and 100% determination.