“Logistics heroes” recruit young talent

The shortage of skilled workers is a massive problem for the logistics sector. A nationwide campaign is now to help polish up the image of the industry and at the same time focus on the diverse career opportunities in logistics. VTL supports the concerted campaign.

The image campaign “Logistikhelden” is to be launched nationwide in mid-2019. It is primarily aimed at career starters and job seekers. For Andreas Jäschke there was no question that VTL would support the initiative: “It is high time to improve the image of logistics among the general public and to discard the dirty image”, the VTL boss praises the concept of the initiative “Die Wirtschaftsmacher”. After all, the industry is not only Germany’s third-largest economic sector, but also offers career starters, cross- and re-entrants a multitude of future-oriented opportunities – for example as an innovation driver in the IT sector.

Nevertheless, logistics has always had to contend with image problems and the resulting lack of young talent. This is precisely where the joint campaign of logistics-related associations, clubs, media and companies comes in. “We logistics experts must encourage young people together to take off successfully in this future-oriented industry,” says Jäschke. It is also important to address women in a targeted way. Contrary to popular opinion, logistics is by no means a purely male affair: “At VTL, some women already assume a lot of responsibility in management positions,” the managing director points out.

At the heart of the nationwide campaign are people from logistics practice. As credible ambassadors, they stand for the efficiency and professionalism of all logistics activities and tell exciting stories from their everyday work on posters, in advertisements, on the Internet and on social media channels. At the same time, the campaign transports “strong facts” such as the annual mileage of a professional driver or the number of parcels delivered.

The initiative “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” acts as the sender of the image campaign. It bundles the strengths of interest groups, logistics service providers as well as industry and trade and thus aims to ensure greater visibility. “Our goal is to raise a seven-figure sum that will make it possible to develop the necessary advertising pressure,” explains Frauke Heistermann, spokeswoman for the initiative and member of the BVL executive board. Currently, we are on the right track: More than 50 companies, institutions, associations and media partners are already supporting the campaign.

Photo: VTL