the Three Cornerstones of Leadership that will work in Logisticsmarketing, too

Found a great article by Tony Golsby-Smith* on „leadership skills and performance“.
He points out three utterly important cornerstones of leadership. And they are so simple, that they will survive in the hectic day to day routine within 3PL companies, too. And they are needed to inspire your Logisticsmarketing, too, because Logisticsmarketing is as much about leadership in projects and teams as any logistics discipline! He points out that „a leader has to persuade people to do great things in uncertain contexts, using only one tool: words.“ To do so, he identifies three much needed qualities

Agility. He says, „ Leaders need to demonstrate that they are a learner.“  Which is so very true when you think about one of the logistics buzz words. today, volatile markets!

Authenticity. I couldn´t subscribe more to this point! Like good brands, good leaders need to be authentic. Leaders have to live and show their true values and visions, otherwise they are surely been unmasked as an artificial product. 

Empathy.  Again, I couldn´t agree more. Tony says, „Caring for people is a quality.“ . And rightly so, companies are always talking about customer orientation, let´s start with some employer orientation, first. Or as Sam Walton, famous founder of WalMart said something like after three month employees will treat customers in the same way as they are treated by their bosses“ So, a good company image, a sustainable market position, a valid employer branding starts with caring for people. Mind you, most managers working in the transport business will say something like, Logistics is a peoples business. Right, let´s start thinking about your own people, too 🙂

What do you think?


* Found that here: