Happy New Year 2023

In the midst of the ongoing crises, one could easily fall into resignation. Yet there are so many good developments, so much commitment at all levels, which make it so much easier to keep faith in the #future

And what will we do?

– With the recently confirmed qualification as DNK (German Sustainability Codex) training partner, we strengthen our consulting competence at the intersection of CSR and Logistics.

– Together with a new project partner, we want to further optimize internal and external brand work. In the future, we will be able to organize the dialog with stakeholders (keyword smart employer branding) much more intensively and efficiently. More on this soon.

– At the beginning of February, we will look at internationally successful examples of sustainable logistics and urban development in Doha and will certainly return with many new impulses.

– In tried and tested cooperation with the our Federal Logistics Initiative we want to continue our “30 minutes for more sustainability” webinar series in 2023 and expand its content.

– On November 10, our eighth VISION.LOGISTIK. event will take place. The motto 2023:
TURNING POINTS. Economy. Mobility. Transportation.

– The image of logistics is (still) too bad. Reason enough to continue our professional and private commitment to greater acceptance of commercial transport. After all, shaping the future is not the task of politics alone – it’s up to all of us.

And what else? As before: Full hearted support for LSPs.